Habanera Restaurant, Madrid, Spain

A Cuban style restaurant in the heart of Madrid. With decorations as festive as Cuba itself and food as delicious as it looks!

Habanera Restaurant, Madrid, Spain


or those of you who don’t know me, I really appreciate good presentation. Whether it’s my home, or a gift I’m giving, or the food I’m eating, I love when the way something looks makes me go, “Wow.” And that is exactly what Habanera achieves and one of the reasons I love it so much.

Walking in you feel like you just stepped through a teleportation device and entered another land. The busy streets of Madrid disappear, the noise of the city fades away and you walk into an enchanting Cuban oasis. Palm trees hover overhead, eye-catching patterns garnish the walls and bright plates decorate your table with splashes of color.

Now, while presentation plays a huge role in my personal “customer satisfaction” rating, quality and taste are also essential. I’ve visited Habanera during the week for their regular menu and over the weekend for their incredible brunch menu and everything I have ever tried was amazing. Just visit their website to view their menu (might need google to translate it to English or whatever language you need) and you will be impressed with the unique selections offered.

What I just have to rave about however, is their weekend brunch. You can order single dishes like “Waffle with apple syrup, cinnamon and rice pudding ice cream” or “Mushroom, spinaches, Gruyere cheese and sweet ham omelette” or you can opt in for their 20 euro Special Brunch Menu. You may want to grab a napkin before reading this to wipe the drool from your mouth…

Special Brunch Menu

Yogurt jar, granola, fruit                                    64º  egg

Small butter tub                                                  Ricotta cheese with honey

Croissant                                                                Smoked salmon

Rustic bread                                                         Iberian ham

Seasonal tomato                                                Guacamole

Homemade jam                                                  Orange Juice

Coffee or tea

If you aren’t drooling let me just say that everything tastes as incredible as it looks. I’m lactose intolerant and I ate the entire jar of ricotta cheese with honey and didn’t regret it one bit. I would have ordered a second jar, but I do have some level of dignity (no need to mention I just about licked the jar clean at the end)…..

You’re free to order bottomless orange juice and coffee and for those of you who also have issues with dairy they do have soy milk and are one of the few restaurants in Madrid that actually serves up a delicious soy cappuccino. If you’re looking for a distinctive and delectable sit-down restaurant during your time in Madrid Habanera will not disappoint.


  • In general, the Spanish like to be well dressed no matter what they are doing, so if you want to avoid some dirty looks leaving your workout clothes at home and wearing a nicer outfit is advisable.
  • Make a reservation! I’ve included a direct link to their website and to the reservation page. Habanera is a popular place so as best you can plan ahead and make a reservation. Brunch reservations for the weekend usually need to be made at least 2 weeks in advance.

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Calle de Génova, 28, 28004 Madrid, Spain

+34 91 737 20 17

Monday – Friday 1:00PM-2:30AM

Weekends/Holidays 11:00AM-2:30AM


Attire: Dressy casual

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THE CUTEST RESTAURANT OF ALL TIME!! ugh i wanna go back, lets go back. The presentation is soooo cute it kills me!

Remember they even had gluten free mini bread loaves for you! Dying for our next adventure!

Thanks for the link and the map. I will definitely stop in for a meal the next time I visit Madrid.

Thanks so much for commenting! When you make it to Madrid you have all the information you need to book your reservation at Habanera!

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