Maaoca Brazilian Acaí & Tapioca Crepes

Pop into this fun little Brazilian Acaí cafe and make sure you try their tapioca crepes! Beautiful presentation, incredibly cheerful and serving staff and a relaxed atmosphere.

Maaoca Brazilian Acaí & Tapioca Crepes

Maaoca Brazilian Acai and Tapioca Crepes

n our latest adventure to San Clemente we stumbled upon a Brazilian Acaí bowl location called Maaoca Brazilian Acaí & Tapioca Crepes. San Clemente is the under-rated beach town of Southern California. We’ve just recently discovered the rustic charm of this little city and it’s made me so excited to go and explore all the little boutiques and cafes. On weekends you can find the main street closed off and littered with stalls of fruits and vegetables, families with children bustling about and probably every dog owner in the city out walking their furry friends in the cool ocean breeze.

Maaoca Brazilian Acai and Tapioca Crepes

Both of Omid’s sisters and their significant others live near us so we love to meet up for Brunch on weekends. We have a strict protocol of rotating who gets to choose the location each weekend. Apparently some people take issue with the fact that Omid and I like to choose vegan restaurants *cough cough* Ramtin…family meat lover and plate licker! This weekend happened to be Nassim’s turn (Omid’s sister), but the restaurant she chose was completely booked! Wandering up the street we came across Maaoca and unanimously agreed to try this new spot for our weekly brunch.

Maaoca Brazilian Acai and Tapioca Crepes

Maaoca’s specialty is tapioca crepes! I know what you’re thinking…what and how is that possible? And does it taste as funky as it looks? I have to admit that the texture of the tapioca is definitely interesting. I guess what I’ll say is that if you are dedicated to warm, soft texture of a regular crepe you may be missing the delicate chewiness with the crepes of Maaoca. But aside from the difference in texture the signature tapioca crepes were just as delicious and definitely filling! And then you have their acaí bowls….

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a more Instagram-worthy presentation of an acaí bowl as the ones at Maaoca. Be warned, the small is quite enough for one person. I made the mistake of getting the large and was force feeding myself by the end in an attempt not to waste it. The menu items were all so tantalizing that everyone of us ended up with more than we could eat.

Maaoca Brazilian Acai and Tapioca Crepes

Maaoca ended up being the perfect afternoon stop for a refreshing bite and I can’t wait to pop into all the other adorable little places scattered throughout San Clemente. More posts on this charming city coming soon!

For any locals in San Clemente, what are some of the hidden gems of your beautiful city??

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211 Avenida Del Mar #B, San Clemente, CA 92672

+1 949 545 7950

Sunday 9:30Am – 5:00PM

Monday – CLOSED

Tuesday-Saturday 9:30AM – 6:00PM


Attire: Very casual, beach clothes

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