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aybe you’re wanting to make some new friends in your new home, maybe you’re looking for someone to practice languages with, maybe you want to go visit new cities or even countries with a group of people. Maybe you’re wondering where to find an English speaking doctor in your town or if any local stores carry a certain product you are looking for. These apps were life savers for me in helping me get connected and get quick responses to all the random questions I ever had.

1. TIMPIK – For local pick-up games

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This is an app designed for sports fans looking for a local pick-up game. You simply create a profile and select the sports that you’re interested in, your level of skill (actually a nice feature so that if you are looking for a very competitive game you can join games that already have players of a certain level or if you want a more recreational game you can find similar levels as well). You can search for games near you, sign-up for one (some include a small charge like 2/3 euros), view games you have signed up for, and even set-up your own event and have others sign-up! Oddly enough, most of the app is in English, but some things are in Spanish so you may need to translate a word here and there.

2. MEETUP – For Local Events by Topic

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Meet up is another great resource that I have seen in America as well as Spain so many of you may already be familiar with this. This has a much broader range of interests with related activities/gatherings. From outdoors/adventure to music, to fashion/beauty, science and technology. You can select the areas that interest you, join some groups, and join any of the events they are hosting.

3. FACEBOOK – For joining groups, asking questions

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Don’t underestimate the information and community you can find through Facebook. When I was in Spain I was part of several Facebook groups that were invaluable. Most of them consisted of others foreigners living in Madrid and if I ever had a questions that I couldn’t find an answer to I would post in one of the groups and someone else always had an answer. Need to know where you can find an English speaking dentist? Where to buy a turkey for Thanksgiving? How to go about renting a flat? Ask and I can almost guarantee you will receive plenty of responses. The three Facebook groups I was a member of were: Madrid: Girl Gone International, Madrid Expats, and Second Hand Madrid.

These are just a few apps that I used during my time in Spain. I’m sure there are others or newer ones that have been developed since so if you know of any others please share! And as always, any questions or comments are welcome!

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