Pudding Café - Barcelona, Spain

Pudding Café Barcelona Spain

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About Pudding Café

My best friend introduced me to Pudding Café the first time we visited Barcelona together. She had spent a semester studying abroad in Barcelona and said she visited Pudding Café almost every morning before class.

On our second trip to Barcelona, we were surprised to discover that Pudding Café had opened a second location. This one, even more magical than the first. No literally, the entire café is styled after Harry Potter and it could not be more enchanting.

Passing through the unassuming doors of the entrance to Pudding Café you are transported into the world of Harry Potter. With old books and scrolls lining the walls, and robes stacked neatly on the shelves.

Each of the antique tables and chairs looks as though they had years of stories to tell. The low lit lights lure you into the calmness and magic, making you feel as if you were sitting in the actual Griffindor common room at Hogwarts.

I almost felt like I needed to pull out my ink and quill and start working on my potions homework! The dedication to creating a unique and believable atmosphere is clear. There does not seem to be an inch of space forgotten in the decoration of Pudding Café.

The pastries, menu and espresso at Pudding Café are all equal to the extraordinary décor. I wish we could have stayed their a full week just so I could have breakfast there every single morning.

I can’t even imagine how enchanting it is during the Fall/Winter seasons with the sound of the rain outside. Gently playing a melody as you lounge in a cozy chair with the warmth of the lights and comfort of the aged books surrounding you.

Pudding Café Food Highlights

  • Café con leche (honestly the espresso is so rich and yummy)
  • BUTTERBEER – yes, they have butterbeer folks, now are you convinced you need to go?
  • Goat cheese and pesto bocadillo (photo below; I got this the first time we went and oh my Lord it was soooo good)
  • Tortilla (a typical Spanish dish, but Pudding Café serves up one of the fluffiest most delicious tortillas I have ever had in Spain)

The first Pudding Café is designed after Alice in Wonderland and is just as authentic and believable. You can find all of their location information to the right or if you are on mobile keep scrolling below!

Avinguda Diagonal, 515, 08029 Barcelona, Spain


Sunday – Thursday: 9:00AM – 9:00PM

Friday/Saturday: 9:00AM – 10:00PM

  • Credit Cards accepted
  • English Spoken

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