Bluestone Lane Coffee

Discover one of New York's most unique Cafe's and coffee shops. Set inside a historic Church, Bluestone Lane's cafe offers distinct dishes and an absolutely enchanting atmosphere.

Bluestone Lane Coffee

Bluestone Lane Coffee
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uring our stay in New York, as soon as our eyes peeled open and our brains slowly began to function, we would look up a new coffee shop to head to first thing. I could have spent the entire trip just wandering from café to café sampling all the different coffees across the city. I have to say that I think we got pretty lucky finding some great coffee spots rather spontaneously during our stay. My absolute favorite was without a doubt Bluestone Lane Coffee.

Overview of Bluestone Lane Coffee – 1085 5th Ave. New York

Bluestone Lane Coffee
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Housed directly next to the historic Church of the Heavenly Rest, the architecture and aesthetics of this location are full of charm. With it’s remarkable design and peaceful views of Central Park, I can’t say that I have ever been inside a café that was so quaint and picturesque. It was our last day in New York, so we had plans to have a lazy breakfast and then take our coffees to go while we strolled through Central Park. I’m so happy to say it was the perfect choice! The entire time all three of us were commenting on how beautiful the inside was, how cozy and homey the space felt and how friendly the staff were!

We had a rather harsh introduction to New York life as the entire weekend we found ourselves dealing with incredibly rude people. To be able to come into this perfect café and receive such genuine care and service really shocked us. Every single waiter/waitress who interacted with us was so friendly and talkative, always asking if there was anything else we needed and making casual conversation.

Bluestone Lane Coffee

With a unique menu, we wrestled over what to choose for probably longer than what was appreciated. One of the big reasons we initially decided to try this café was because, aside from their stellar coffee reviews, they offered a tempting menu with plenty of gluten-free and vegan options.

I decided on the fruit toast with lemon ricotta and berry compote while Jen and Walley enjoyed various versions of their avocado toast. My dish was absolutely worth the dairy I consumed. With ricotta as light as air, the slight hint of lemon and the warm blueberry to top it all off. Walley was able to indulge in her avocado toast with delicious gluten-free bread and Jen’s order of avocado toast and vegemite had us all scratching our heads.

Bluestone Lane Coffee

See what I mean? Still have no idea what it is exactly or how it is made. All we knew was that it looked like a very thick caramel sauce but was extremely salty. Apparently, vegemite is beloved by Australian natives and more often than not hated by most foreigners. Despite our ignorance to the true identity of this vegemite, we cheerfully spread it over our avocado toast and munched away.

Side Note** I swear I took photos of all our dishes during our meal and for some reason I could only find a few of my photos. So I had to look up some pictures of this vegemite for you.

Bluestone Lane Coffee
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Jen and I sipped our mimosas and Walley her “virgin” mimosa (aka orange juice) while we relived some of our favorite moments of the weekend. All the while being lulled into a peaceful state of comfort by the snug interior and welcoming staff.

It truly felt like we had walked off the streets of New York and into a completely different world. From the interior design, to the service, to the food (and coffee), every aspect of our brunch in Bluestone Lane was a magical moment.

Wishing we could have stayed for hours, we began our last walk through Central park with Bluestone Lane Coffee in hand.

History of Bluestone Lane Coffee

After our amazing breakfast, I wanted to learn more about this brand. Surprised, I discovered that they actually have several locations in New York and across the United States. You can imagine how ecstatic I was to find that they had TWO locations in Los Angeles. Without a doubt, I will be checking out these locations as soon as possible.

Bluestone Lane Coffee

Bluestone Lane was born out of the coffee culture from Melbourne, Australia. They actually have a Blog section to their website where I found an article discussing what the “coffee culture” of Melbourne is all about. The article explains that their focus includes roasting and serving exquisite coffee AS WELL AS creating an experience that will leave a mark on their guests.

Undoubtedly, their commitment to this Melbourne coffee scene is evident in our own experience at Bluestone Lane. As I mentioned above, every moment of our time at Bluestone Lane added to the experience. Their desire to serve incredible food while also delivering an unforgettable atmosphere was unmistakable.

I can’t say how happy I was we spontaneously found Bluestone Lane Coffee and decided to go. For any visiting New York, they have several locations, but the incredibly unique architecture of their café on 5th Avenue is worth visiting.

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1085 5th Ave, New YorkNY  10128


Monday – Friday: 7:30 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.


Attire: Casual

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