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Best Brunch in Orange County
7 of the Best Brunch Spots in Orange County
Discover some of my absolute favorite brunch spots in Orange County! Whether you are looking for quick and casual, high-end, beach views.. each of these brunch locations will check something off your list and will, without a doubt, satisfy everyone’s palets.
Portola Coffee Roasters Orange County
Portola Coffee Roasters
Portola Coffee Roasters...one of my top 2 coffee shops in Orange County. Read all about their incredible dedication to quality and detail and of course, their incredible coffees!
best shave-ice kaua'i
The 2 Best Shave-Ice in Kaua’i
If you are ready to have all your previous conceptions of shave-ice completely blown away you will want to stop at both of these shave-ice locations in Kaua'i during your stay!
beaches in kaua'i
5 Must-Visit Beaches in Kaua’i
If you are looking for an adventurous hike, waterfalls, great snorkeling, children-friendly or easily accessible beaches you will love reading about these 5 amazing beaches in Kaua'i.
summer southern california socal leigh ann countries and cultures
Summers in Southern California
Discover what my typical summers are like here in Southern California! From kayaking in the bay, jet skis on the open ocean, sunset dinners and so much more!

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