Culture, Cultura


Living in Spain sprouted not just a love for traveling, but a deep passion for learning about other cultures and learning new languages.

For me, travel is more than spectacular views and mouth-watering cuisines, it’s experiencing a lifestyle outside of the one I’m used to and allowing this to open my mind to different ways of living and incorporating those lessons into my everyday life.

Learning about first Spanish culture and now Persian culture has developed a deep sense of respect for traditions and norms that may be different than my own. On top of this, learning about these cultures has helped me look at my own culture in a new light.

Why do we do what we do? Is it necessarily the “correct” way to do it simply because that’s how it has been done for years? These are the kinds of questions that have sprouted through my journey and so many more.

So I hope you enjoy the stories and insights I share about other cultures as well as my own and allow them to let you look at travel and the people you meet during those travels in a new light and with newfound respect 🙂

Besos, Boos,

Leigh Ann


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