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Voted Orange County's BEST facial: Facial Lounge; organic, vegan and gluten-free products, holistic care.

Facial Lounge - Holistic Beauty

Facial Lounge Spa Orange County

was lucky enough to discover Facial Lounge about 4 months ago and have since fallen in love with their treatments, products and incredible staff…but first, let’s get a little back story on how I usually feel about beauty treatments….

The number one reason why I hate getting beauty treatments is because of the staff. As an introvert there is nothing I dread more than having to sit in a chair while a stranger touches my bare feet or tints my eyebrows or paints magical cleansing liquids on my face. Do I talk to them, do they want me to talk to them? Will they tint half my eyebrow blue and the other half brown if I don’t talk to them?

Seriously, half the time I don’t even enjoy these treatments because the whole time I’m having this internal battle over whether or not I should be making small talk with the person scrubbing the calluses off my feet.

And if that silent struggle doesn’t exhaust me enough then comes actually maintaining the conversation throughout the hour or more treatment. Only introverts would understand this, but there is nothing I hate more than small talk. I want a genuine conversation with someone who sees me as more than just a girl with invisible eyelashes and sun damage from too many soccer games under blazing UV rays.

So when I, a hardcore introvert, say how much I look forward to my bimonthly visits to Facial Lounge you know it means something. I’ve never received beauty treatments on a regular basis so the fact that I’ve been going consistently two times a month for almost four months now is huuuuge for me. There are so many things I can say about Facial Lounge so I’ll break it down into categories: the Owner, the Staff, the Products, my Personal Skincare Testimony.

Facial Lounge Owner

From the first second you meet Amber Johnson, founder and owner of Facial Lounge, you feel as if you’ve reconnected with an old best friend. Her genuine kindness, openness and energy draw you right in. As you wrap yourself up in their cozy blankets and sink into the heated bed, Amber fires off question after question about your current skincare routine, diet, sleeping habits and so many other random factors that can affect your skin that you would never have guessed.

The treatment begins and throughout the entire process she is explaining the intricate science behind skincare and working to develop a treatment plan that will leave your skin looking and feeling better than it ever has before. Throughout the entire treatment with Amber I kept thinking, “Wow, it really feels like she is genuinely concerned about not just my skin, but my health in general.”

Since then I have been a dedicated client of Facial Lounge and find myself getting excited for my treatments, not just because I know I’m going to leave with rejuvenated skin, about 10 new life lessons and 5 local vegan restaurants I need to try, but because I can’t wait for my 50 minutes of random gossip with Amber. Her passionate energy is contagious and I leave feeling as refreshed and renewed as if I had just spent an hour chatting away with my best friend. She’s the older sister everyone wants, the “fun aunt” no one actually has and a beautiful light in every life she touches.

Facial Lounge Staff

I know it sounds cliché to say it, but one of the many things I love most about Facial Lounge is the incredibly peaceful vibes. And without a doubt this is due to the fact that the staff are less like co-workers and more like one beautiful, holistic-minded family working together to achieve their passions. Every single one of them is a gem and I would recommend having a treatment done with each of them to find the right fit for you.

You can tell that each of them genuinely loves the chance to take care of you in any way they can during your visit. On top of an incredible facial, you no doubt you will be getting some skincare, diet and lifestyle advice that will change your life. Facial and natural doctor appointment in one? Yes please! The staff (feels strange even calling them that because they all feel like your friends) are all passionate about holistic health and it is evident in the way they dedicate themselves whole-heartedly to improving any aspect of your health that they can through their extensive knowledge of holistic remedies and advice.

Facial Lounge Products

Facial Lounge continues their dedication to the highest quality skincare through their incredible products. Organic AND 100% vegan ingredients in ALL of their products, masterfully created by owner Amber Johnson. Facial Lounge is committed to avoiding all harsh chemicals and only uses the gentlest preservatives. I’m pretty sure I have the most sensitive skin in the world and none of their products irritate my skin or cause any kind of breakout.

I’ve bought my fare share of beauty products and over the years have become convinced that none of them actually do anything significant. Turns out I was just buying chemical filled treatments that were as bad for my skin as they were expensive. One of my favorite products from Facial Lounge is their “Facial in a Bottle, Night Treatment.” I’m not exaggerating, the first night I used this magical serum I woke up the next morning and felt like I had a completely new face. I love that I’m not only paying for something that actually works, but I know it is good for my body, sustainably sourced and not tested on animals.

My Facial Lounge Skincare Testimony

I spent my whole junior high, high school and college years trying to solve (and hide) my skin problems. I saw my dermatologist more than my general doctor. After years of their “expert” help I found myself on several different antibiotics and using their prescribed (expensive) creams on a daily basis with little to no improvement. My road to clear skin has been a 10 year + journey finally ending with my discovery of Facial Lounge.

Guys, I kid you not, two months with Amber and my skin was clearer than it had been in my entire adult life. Receiving regular treatments has been huge for keeping my skin decongested, but their knowledge on diet and lifestyle habits is the final piece I needed to give me the skin I have always wanted. I’m no longer taking ANY antibiotics or using any of the products my dermatologist prescribed to me and my skin is 100x better than when I was using all of those toxic products.

Facial Lounge offers a wide variety of luxury, organic, vegan AND gluten-free treatments including peels, facials, microdermabrasion, radiofrequency, dermaplaning, sugaring, waxing, eyebrow and eyelash tinting, etc.) You can check out their full range of professional skincare on their site here!

You can also find more in depth bios on Amber and the rest of her staff as well as client testimonials and easily book your first treatment through their site!

Facial Lounge Spa Orange County
My Favorite Facial Lounge Products
  • Papaya Enzyme Mask
  • Sulfur Mask
  • Facial in a Bottle Night
  • Foaming Facial Scrub
  • Oil be Gone Skin-Prep Mattifier
  • Cryo Roller (yessss love this baby so much)

If I haven’t gushed enough already, I’ll end by saying that Amber Johnson and the rest of the amazing girls from Facial Lounge will brighten your entire life with their genuine concern, attention to detail, personalized treatments and overflowing joy.

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Suite 3A, 2101 E. Coast Hwy, Corona del Mar, CA 92625

Call : +1.949.760.9335

Text: +1.949.416.5938

Monday-Thursday: 8:00AM – 9:00PM

Friday: 8:00AM – 8:00PM

Saturday: 9:00AM – 6:00PM

Sunday: 10:00AM – 4:00PM

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I’ve always had such sensitive skin. I think I’ll give her a call.

She is so knowledgeable and has worked closely with dermatologists so her knowledge goes way beyond what any esthetician would usually know. On top of that her products are so gentle with organic, vegan and gluten-free ingredients. She has changed my skin and I know she would love to do the same for you! 🙂

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