Blogging as an Introvert

Read about the challenges I face as an introvert in the world of blogging, what I struggle with trying to stand out on Instagram and how I balance it all!

Blogging as an Introvert

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n the age of technology and social media, the world of blogging has transformed dramatically. As Instagram increases its social media dominance, its reach and influence has become undeniable. A bloggers ability to navigate the ever-changing waters of Instagram can significantly increase the success of their online blog.

But with more and more profiles competing for viewer’s attention, the amount of forethought and energy that goes into growing and maintaining a loyal following is enough to exhaust even the most extroverted bloggers…..not to mention us introverts….

blogging blog blogger travel leigh ann

Here are my some of the aspects I struggle most with as a blogger trying to grow my reading audience:

To start, there’s a few personality traits about me that are helpful to understand:

  1. I am a huuuge introvert
  2. As an introvert, social interaction is extremely exhausting to me
  3. Not only is social interaction exhausting, when I feel like I am being forced to socialize with others I inherently want to do the exact opposite (AKA, run away and hang out in a coffee shop by myself)
  4. I looooathe small talk and loooove really genuine and meaningful interactions
blogging blog blogger travel leigh ann

1. Blogging as an Introvert – It’s Exhausting

As an introvert, social interaction in general is tiring. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love socializing, it’s just I am completely exhausted at the end of it. A few hours spent with friends hanging out and I am ready for an equal amount of alone time to decompress and recharge.

For me, continually engaging with followers on Instagram is as tiring as having a face-to face conversation. Again, I love it! But I get burnt out quickly trying to maintain communication with so many different people at once. From responding to comments on my own posts, direct messages, or commenting on the posts of others, there is a seemingly never-ending flow of conversations happening.

blogging blog blogger travel leigh ann

2. Blogging as an Introvert – My natural instinct pushes me away from social media

If I have learned anything in these first few months of blogging and Instagram, it’s that consistency is key. You have to maintain a steady stream of communication and engagement with your followers. Without it, you will fade from their focus and quickly as you entered it. As I mentioned above, when socializing is required, my automatic response is to retreat internally and avoid communication at all costs.

It’s such an interesting dichotomy for me because on the one hand my emotional response to doing all these things so that I can grow my audience is immediately one of repulsion. I don’t want to post every single day and keep a steady stream of photos and videos on my Instagram story, research all the right hashtags, respond to posts as quickly as possible, blah blah blah….

blogging blog blogger travel leigh ann

But my mental response it that I truly want to make my mark in this community and at the end of the day I will do whatever is required to really stand out and be noticed. But it is SUCH an internal battle for me. Every day I am mentally fighting that introverted response of wanting to avoid attention. I have to fight against the exhaustion I feel after all the virtual communication with so many people. I know there are many who love engaging with so many people on a daily basis and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Their energy comes from social interaction, mine comes from sitting alone in a café and pretending I’m listening to music so that no one talks to me ?

I have a commitment to myself that if at any point I come to hate writing (veeery unlikely) or Instagram becomes too all-consuming and draining, I’ll stop. At the end of the day, I write because it makes my soul happy, I share my writing in a hope that it will do the same for others. But if I have to sell my soul to Instagram in order for others to discover me, I’ll take my heart and my writing and find others way to share it with you all! More to come on this topic soon ?

blogging blog blogger travel leigh ann

3. Blogging as an Introvert – I crave sincerity, authenticity and quality conversations

Social media (Instagram specifically) has proven to be such a powerful tool for brands to advertise and reach an incredible number of people. But what is even more incredible is the transformation of the noun “Instagram” to the verb “Instagrammer, now known as “Influencers,” and rightly so. Countless people are making a living posting beautiful photos and videos on Instagram; getting paid to write product reviews or travel to breath-taking places.

Their “influence” on Instagram is something that holds tangible, monetary value. But as the power of a large Instagram following has grown, so too has the presence of fake accounts. You can now buy pretty much anything on Instagram: followers, likes on your photos, comments on your photos, you can even pay for companies to actually comment on others photos for you…..

blogging blog blogger travel leigh ann

If that doesn’t scream insincerity to you then I don’t know what will….I write because it makes my soul happy. And I, like so many others, have realized the undeniable fact that Instagram is an amazing tool for sharing my articles with a vast audience. But I can’t tell you how quickly I became disenchanted with it all as the weight of artificiality began to overwhelm me.

As Instagram began to feel more and more like a chore, I happened to meet some fellow “Instagrammers”; bloggers and kindred spirits who reminded me that even amidst all the toxic insincerity, genuine people could still be found. The prevalence of falsity in the social media world has made these relationships an even brighter light. I have absolutely loved getting to connect on a deeper level with these passionate and authentic hearts. Each of their journeys’ are so unique and it has been so reviving to follow their stories and create a supportive community with such incredible people. I link to their individual blogs and Instagrams below!

blogging blog blogger travel leigh ann

I hope this article wasn’t too much of a downer for you all! These are thoughts that have been running through my head for weeks now and I finally decided to make a post out of it. I realized that this was an excellent opportunity for me to share a really different and often times unknown side of my personality with you all. In a way, it is a small glimpse behind the scenes of what blogging and “Instagramming” is like for me.

Still being so new to this world, I know there is still so much to learn, so many challenges to overcome and so much to SHARE. And that is what keeps me excited to continue: the fact that I can write to my hearts content about some of the things I am most passionate about and maybe inspire, guide and support some of you along the way 🙂

I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts on this topic! Does using Instagram leave you energized and excited or are you more like me and find it drains your energy stores? If so, what have you done to find a balance and continue to enjoy using this resource? What are some of the things that are most overwhelming or difficult for you?

If you enjoyed the article click the heart at the top right of the page and share! I love to hear back from you guys so comment below! Even if it is just to say hi, your feedback and engagement is so encouraging! Unless otherwise noted, all photos and content have been taken and written by myself.

Some of the genuine and inspiring bloggers I have connected with!

Rita Quinn – Full time RV traveler and spectacular photographer – Instagram,  Rita Roams

Heather & Nick – Couple who renovated a bus to live on the road – InstagramVicaribus

Brain and Sabrina – Couple traveling the U.S. in their RV and spreading Jizo love – InstagramTraveling Zen Den

Britt & Tony – Travel RV Family raising their kids on the road! – InstagramSimplexing Life

Jeani and Jerry – Full time RV couple roaming the U.S. – InstagramRepurpose Dreams

Jessica Lavey – Yogi Blogger – Instagram,  Happiness Hustle

Wendy McLarnan – Airstream Renovator, Farm Life – InstagramThis Orange House

Amber McCluney – Virtual Fitness Coach, Writer, Sommlier – InstagramTiny and Tenacious Fitness

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